Design a Betterr 2022.

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Betterr uses proven Coaching Psychology strategies to motivate and move you towards success in your future self.

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The Betterr Life Coaching
Signature Programme


Zoom Sessions with your Betterr Coach

10x 60 mins to go through a structured Life Coaching programme to get the best out of you, day in and day out.


Based over 20 weeks to a Betterr You

1x session every 14 days, giving you a solid 13 days to grow between each session. Expect home work, hard work, and check-ins in-between sessions to make sure you are on course.


3 Futures Designed using our Betterr Frameworks

Figure out your passions, and lets start Life Coaching your future together. We will start with 3 variations and work from there.


One Brand New Future

Based over the course of 20 weeks (that's 140 days!) you will have completed a rigorous course of Life Coaching, covering 10 sessions designed with coaching psychological strategies to move you to your Betterr Future.

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Betterr is an accredited member of the Association for Coaching and certified in Designing Your Life taught by Stanford University professors Bill Burnett and Dave Evans.

Betterr is also fully trained in Coaching Psychology from the The Centre for Coaching, approved by The British Psychological Society.

And a regular Executive Contributor to Brainz Magazine.

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Qualified to an Excellent Standard

Your Betterr Coach will have the minimum requirements
to work with you:

  • Masters in Psychology
  • Member of the Association for Coaching
  • Minimum 10 years Life Coaching experience
  • Ongoing learning from the Centre for Coaching approved by the British Psychological Society
  • Fully insured to work worldwide

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