Life Coaching ROI: Real Results Based on a Research Study of 20 Participants

This might sound a bit boring, but research studies can be! But, they are very important to show exactly what the Betterr Process can do for you.

We looked at 4 main areas:

  • Reaction to Betterr Coaching
  • Learnings from Betterr Coaching
  • Behaviours from Betterr Coaching
  • Results from Betterr Coaching

For the evaluation of the coaching engagement effectiveness, Betterr used the already established Kirkpatrick’s (1959) 4 Levels of Evaluation model.

The aims of the evaluation were to identify the reactions from coachees towards the coaching engagement, gauge what learnings they had achieved, discover if a behavioural change had occurred and understand what results were achieved against set KPIs pre-defined by Betterr.

The research was conducted with 25 participants, with 5 dropping out of the process throughout, so the results you see are from 20 participants in total.

During the participant selection, all participants were clearly instructed on the nature of the study, taken through the a consent form and given the opportunity to go away and read the consent form and decide whether or not they wished to be part of the study. All participants had the right to refuse and there was no reward or penalty for participation. All participants were informed of the confidentiality of the data and that they could withdraw at any time. After the study had taken place, a debrief discussion was given.

The research was conducted throughout 2021.

I am pleased to say each area researched showed a positive improvement in every single area. If you wish to learn more about the study please use the Contact Form.

Reaction to Coaching:

Reaction to Coaching

Learnings from Coaching:

Learnings from Coaching

Behaviours from Coaching:

Behaviours from Coaching

Results from Coaching:

Results from Coaching
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