Meet Career Coach Marty

Marty qualified as a Career Coach in 2007 where he set up his practice in London, UK. He holds a Masters degree in Psychology which he graduated from the University of East London.

In addition to his academic qualifications, he is a member of the Association for Coaching, a Senior Member of ACCPH, and trained by Stanford University Professors Bill Burnett and Dave Evans in Career Design.

Marty takes a cognitive behavioural, rational emotive behaviour and solution focused approach to psychological coaching and its application to career and performance.


What can the Betterr Career Coaching Process™ help with?



Did you know the average amount of careers in a lifetime is 4. And the average number of jobs is 14 - 17. Surprising, right? Betterr have great exercises and tools to help you understand your next career move onto a brighter future.



Habits are our autopiliots, going about their day doing the same as yesterday. Here we can start to identify those habits that are serving you well and those that need to get shown the door. Through simple neuroscience, you can learn and develop the best habits to fit into your new future.



Coaching all started in the Sports industry and has now moved into Life and Career. However, the element of Performance and getting the best out of yourself still stands true. Here we can identify your KPIs and Targets for what you want to achieve this year.



Worry, feelings of dread, unable to relax, a racing mind. Anxiety is a horrible feeling and one that is truly an epidemic. We have great Career Coaching tools and techniques developed by the leading psychologists in their field and we can teach you how to use them to reduce unwanted feelings.



Stress and how to deal with our response to it isn't widely learned or taught, but plays a large part in most common causes of death. A massively important topic to gain as much awareness and coping strategies to overcome the pressure of stress and how it affects our health (physically and mentally) and our career.

Use the Betterr Career Coaching Process™ to Design Your Career


Zoom Sessions with your Betterr Career Coach

8 Career Coaching sessions to go through a structured coaching programme to get the best out of you, day in and day out.


Based over 8 weeks to a Betterr Career

Over the course of 54 days you will see leaps of transformation as you go through the programme towards a Betterr Future.


3 Future Careers Designed

Figure out your passions, and lets start crafting your future career together. We will start with 3 futures and work from there.


One Brand New Future

Based over the course of the 8 weeks you will have completed a rigours course of career coaching, all with coaching psychological strategies to move you to your Betterr future using the Betterr Career Coaching Process™.

Evidenced Based Online Coaching Psychology to Design the Life You Always Deserved in 2023.

Come and join Betterr to design your 2023 and a brand new you.

For more than 10 years, the Betterr Career Coaching Process has been honed to bring you the very best of coaching with proven psychological strategies to bring you towards a Betterr future. Now let's tell you what to expect over 8 weeks:

Review of Coaching

Discover the areas in your Career you need to improve upon with our Career Assessment
Here is where we look at 10 majors of your career and get to understand you more as a person. This is a fundamental stage in order to set the career coaching programme for you moving forward.

Self Care

Get your mind into gear with Stress Management
Nothing Betterr than taking some time to review your stress levels. We have excellent tools to measure and help you make improvements with your response to stress. All techniques are based on psychology and evidence based.


Find out what others think about you with Start/Stop/Continue
A favourite Career Coaching tool taken from the corporate world, this is a 360 feedback review and builds upon the previous section. We get to find out what others feel about you. Not the easiest session - but Betterr doesn't come easy.

Coaching Review

Review your career past with our Time Line
Another great session where you get to plot your career history with key significant moments. We can learn a lot about ourselves from our past.

Positive Coaching

Live a more positive life with our Happiness Factor
Steeped in Positive Psychology, you will learn the best strategies to live a positive and happier career. Lots of activities and thought provoking conversation.

The Purge

Clean up your Limiting Beliefs with The Purge
The ultimate favourite section from the Betterr Team. Discover what is holding you back from living the best career of your life.


Rediscover a Career that fits into your whole person with Our Values & Beliefs
Cognitive Behavioural Coaching led by a qualified practitioner. Time to stand for who you are, and who you now want to be. Welcome to your new Career Rule Book.


Plan your Career with Goals Setting
This is not your normal session, most Career Coaches start with Goals on Session One. We think very differently in Career Coaching Psychology.


Learn how to Career Design Your 2023 (and beyond) with our Future Planning
Our FLAGSHIP SESSION! Would you like to start designing your very best career? Using the concept of Product Design from Stanford University, we adopt this process to your life and career. Make sure you bring your notebook with you.

Rediscover your passions with Mission & Purpose
By now you have formulated your new future ahead and looking to re-assess your Rule Book to your Career. Here we spend time crafting our mission and career purpose. Massively important for the head and the heart.

life coaching

Write your 2023 (and beyond) Career Roadmap
The final session where you learn how to write your 2023 career roadmap to your new future with your timings and commitments. All material is supplied online. This is your time to plan and shine.

Let Betterr help you reach your Career goals.

Steeped in Coaching Psychology, you will work with Betterr over a number of weeks to get the very best out of your life and career.

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Qualified to an Excellent Standard

Your Betterr Coach will have the minimum requirements
to work with you:

  • Masters in Psychology
  • Member of the Association for Coaching
  • Minimum 10 years experience
  • Ongoing learning from the Centre of Coaching approved by the British Psychological Society
  • Fully insured to work worldwide

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