How do I find the right career?

We're going to start crafting your next chapter, but why craft just one. Lets craft three.

Now, what happens when you do this is one you realise, oh my gosh, I could actually have imagined three completely parallel lives!

What can I do?

They are all pretty interesting. But a lot of the times the things that come up on the other future plans (remember we are creating 3 future plans, initially)  were things that you left behind somehow in the whirlwind of life, you forgot about those things. And so it’s time to bring them back and they put them back into your future.

With Betterr we plan 3 futures. We plan it together, and then we go and do something really interesting. We put the plans to the test. Just little steps. I’ll give you a clue. One of my clients wanted to go back to do her MBA – a very expensive and gruelling degree to say the least – but we have got to check in on a few things:

1. Does she still like studying or is it just the idea of studying – so we got her to do an example MBA module off the internet and actually go and study it.  She wrote up the paper and then had an actual MBA student mark it, and talk over with feedback

2. Does she have the time, it’s a 4 year course, can she fit it in – and the cost too, that will be her Florida Family trips off the table – can she realistically devote that time? So we got her to talk to a few MBA students who are around her age, and that have kids and a career too. She got to hear the good, the bad and the ugly

3. And finally, does that help bring meaning to her life – what happens next when she gets her MBA. We really start to kick the tires on this. She’s still working that out, and that’s ok.

So just by looking at one of her futures, she didn’t suddenly quit her job, pay the £20k fee and buy all her text books. We started with a plan and did mini tests to see if she enjoyed it, was it obtainable? and did it bring meaning to her life?

It's just a process mindful of process. Collect, reduce, decide, move on.

So by connecting the 3 core elements of

·       Who you are

·       What you believe

·       What you do in the world

Design 3 new Betterr Futures.

Go and test small parts of your plans out.

Then we pull it together and start to Design Your Betterr Life.

I'm here to help you Design Your Life.

This time for real.

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