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How do I create Flow in my life?

Flow was a concept coined by a very famous psychologist back in the 70’s and it was his way of describing that feeling when time flies by when you are having fun, when you’re totally in the zone with your headphones on and bashing out the next chapter of your book, or you are buzzing off the walls when you are doing some brain storming. Mine always comes at night, and makes me a night owl by nature!

What can I do?

Flow happens all the time, especially with people who have designed a pretty good life for themselves. Their work day whizzes past, their weekend is gone in seconds and Christmas comes around faster and faster each year.

Finding your Flow is one of the simplest tasks – we can use all your past experiences to work this out. So no need to dump the kids off at your sisters and go to a loch or a lake. Check out the Free Life Assessment below and see where your Flow is.

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