How to build confidence

So confidence, its actually the number one searched for term for self development.

Confidence Is an expectation of a positive outcome.

It is NOT a personality trait – you aren’t born with it. It's learnt.

What can I do?

Confidence, once mastered, is amazing. You become motivated to put all your effort in, to invest your time and resources, and persistance to reach your goal. In fact, confidence + resilience is the gold standard for us coaches to coach clients as you will whizz through your goals in no time.

Without confidence, you will find you give up or don’t even bother at a challenge or task.

There are 8 very distinctive traps to watch out for, and Betterr can help you navigate all of these.


1.       Self-defeating assumptions: You think you can't, so you don’t. I don’t mind you being realistic, but behaving like a loser before even trying to be a winner – we can help with that

2.       Big Ass Goals: Giant goal setting, it just doesn’t work. Your brain is hotwired to set the bar low and cross it. Micro goals feed confidence with almost daily steps.

3.       Becoming Victorious too soon: Oh man, this is my worst one. Gone to the gym and done the hardest workout and need protein – well a double cheeseburger from Maccy D’s has 50gs of protein. Time for my reward – NOT.

4.       DIY – Doing it yourself: I do this all the time but when I’m with my work wives – the outcomes are 10x. To build your confidence, think about building up others – before you know it, you are part of an unstoppable team

5.       Blaming others: When things don’t go right, well must have been someone else’s fault. Confidence is the art of moving on

6.       Defensiveness: Never ever apologise for who or what you are. Only for mistakes. Take pride and lead with your strengths – before you know it, people will only see your confidence – it’s a great way to be at work.

7.       Not preparing or risks or setbacks: Risk mitigation is confidence rocket fuel – plan for what may go wrong and how you will deal with it. And if it crops up – then you've got your plan for that!

8.       Finally, Practice: If this is a presentation, a speech, an interview, an online video recording … practice it. Studies show that those with practice succeed faster and easier – which builds your confidence.

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