failing at life

I feel like i'm failing at life!

“Failing” and I put that in big quotation marks – you aren’t late for anything, and who's the judge of passing or failing? In Psychology, we call this a Thinking Error – we can come onto that another time.

What can I do?

Something you do need to hear if you feel you are “failing” is “resilience”.

The key to resilience is trying really hard, and I mean flinging the kitchen sink at the issue. Then stop. Just stop.

Recovery could be a weekend, could be a week. Then go get another kitchen sink and go again!

It’s all based on biology, a term called homeostatic value – fling the kitchen sink, rest with just as much vigour so creating a balance.

Stopping isn’t the same as resting. You can rest in bed and panic all night about a big meeting tomorrow – yes you stopped that PowerPoint, but you didn’t rest.

Get tough – when you stop, STOP – set that rule early with colleagues, turn off your phone, or do not disturb. Place the laptop in another room. Teach yourself that your rest means you’ll be able to pick back up that kitchen sink …otherwise, you’ll probably only manage a pot or pan!

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