Meaning and Purpose

I have no life purpose or meaning

Purpose and meaning is such a personal thing and one that Betterr can guide you through, and all the work is on you.

What can I do?

One thing you need to get to grips with quickly is: You don’t find purpose, you build it. We will be looking at everything you do and does it have a purpose. We’ll go into this later, but what your view of purpose in Life and Work have to match to bring meaning.

Might sound a bit morbid, but at your funeral, what do you want to be said?

A great way to start is to look at what type of personality you are, and Better can help you out with that.

Then take your passions, what are the things that give you joy.

And then what are you naturally good at – it could be science, it could be persuasion, it could be writing or maybe something technical.

Then we take some real world problems-just check out the UN Goals – there is 169 of them, 169 things the world wants to solve! – that is a great start to finding purpose and meaning.  Or go much closer to home – just now, I’m looking after my elderly parents after deciding to move closer to them in their twilight years – I’ll never forget to give back to the people that taught me how to use a spoon!

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