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How to Design a New Life?

Life has a narrative of going to school, get a job, get a family, and maybe a cute pet, work Monday to Friday till your 65 and then finally get your holiday home and retire and live your dream life.

Seems like a very long marathon to get to 65 and have what you really want!

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How well am I doing at Life?

Ever heard of the popular Wheel of Life? It was created by Paul J Meyer and you self-audit against 10 or 12 aspects of your life like Love, Career, Fun, Money … and we get to check in to see where your imbalances are in your life and then start to address each one.

What is my Life Purpose or Meaning?

Purpose and meaning is such a personal thing and one that Betterr can guide you through, and all the work is on you.

One thing you need to get to grips with quickly is: You don’t find purpose, you build it

How do I create work and life balance?

This is always an interesting topic. I’ll go straight to the punchline – you will very rarely have a harmonious balance.

How to live an Authentic Life?

Living an authentic life – well, no one can be authentic by trying to imitate someone else. Sure, you can learn from other’s experiences, but there is no way you can be your true self when you are trying to live Michelle Obama's values and beliefs.

I hate my job, what do I do?

If you really hate your job, then yes maybe time for a career change. I mean, if you are a veggie and you work in a butchers – not ideal!

But if you work in fashion, you love fashion but your boss is a nightmare then: DO. NOT. QUIT. Well, at least not yet!

How to quit a job well?

First thing is don’t do what I did which was telling everyone they were total idiots and then I had a naughty or nice list just like Santa has.

The naughty ones got torn to shreds during my notice period – this felt great. although not very professional of a Partner in one of the world’s top Advertising Agencies.

How do I create Flow in my life?

Flow was a concept coined by a very famous psychologist back in the 70’s and it was his way of describing that feeling when time flies by when you are having fun, when you’re totally in the zone with your headphones on and bashing out the next chapter of your book, or you are buzzing off the walls when you are doing some brain storming.

Finding the right Career?

We're going to start crafting your next chapter, but you can't craft just one. You have to craft three.

Now, what happens when you do this is one you realize, oh my god, I could actually have imagined three completely parallel lives!

I feel like I'm failing at life, help!

“Failing” and I put that in big quotation marks – you aren’t late for anything, and how’d the judge of passing or failing? In Psychology, we call this a Thinking Error.

How to make the right decision?

The PrOACT (Problem, Objectives and Measures, Alternatives, Consequences, and Trade-offs) Structured Decision-Making framework is a method for creating a clear and concise summary of a problem and the possible solutions to it so that you—or a senior decision-maker—can clearly see the consequences of each choice.

How to Build Confidence?

So confidence, is actually the number one searched for term for self-development.

Confidence Is an expectation of a positive outcome. It is NOT a personality trait – you aren’t born with it.

It's learnt.