Meet Small Business Coach Marty

Marty started in Marketing Career back in 2002 with his first job working for L'Oreal in the Hammersmith Office in London, he then spent nearly 20 years working in advertising agencies helping the likes of Harrods, Disney, Virgin and AXA in their acquisition strategies.

He worked his way up to become a Partner in one of the world's top advertising agencies where he decided he wanted to put his skills into his passion - small businesses and start ups.

The Betterr Business Process follows the blueprint for small companies to flourish and grow their way into multiple six figure income generating business.

He works inbetween London and the West Coast of Scotland. Sessions are conducted via Zoom.


Use the Betterr Small Business Coaching Process™ to Grow Your Six Figure Business



Consumers purchase solutions, what problem does your business solve? And just exactly how committed will your consumer be to finding that solution. What is it that people will be willing to pay for?



Who exactly is your target market, what do they look like, what interests do they have, and what demographics do they share. Who can you add value back into their life with your Solution?



Discovering your offer is like finding the perfect pair of jeans. Your consumers will fall in love with the perfect offer that is irresistible and offers them a return on their investment. What exactly will you be giving, over what time frame, and for how much investment will your audience need to give in return? Why is this offer better than your competitor?



Selling is the heart of all small businesses. Can you present and sell this concept into your audience with the correct offer. Can you convert your audience to buy without the need for hard sales tactics? Can you answer your audience's concerns? Can you sell?



The holy grail of selling and art of conveying your value. Pitching is the perfect blend of story telling, problem solving, and converting an audience into a customer. Mastering your Pitch is one of the most exciting parts of the process.



So you have a Concept, an Audience and an Offer. The next natural step for your audience is to consume information about you and your business offering. This is where the power of Content comes into play. Let your audience learn as much as possible about what you offer.


Ladder of Value

Your business offering comes in many stages from entry level trials all the way through to power users who are fanatical about what you are selling. Creating a Ladder of Value lets you move through customers from their first time use, to regular use, all the way to a customer for life.



Being great at what you do is no longer going to make you multi six figures. Stand out and be recognised as the new pioneer in your field. This is time for your company to take centre stage and be recognised as the influencer in your field.


Joint Ventures

Nothing great was produced in a silo. Look around, see what companies and people compliment your business offering. Understand where, and what, your audience consumes and create your Joint Ventures with other high performing companies.

Special Offer Small Business Coaching

Quite simply the ultimate offering for small businesses either at start up stage or looking to move a lifestyle business into a serious income generator for you.

Each Session is 90 mins in length

  • Set the foundations of a multi six figure business in 9 weeks
  • Define your concept for your audience
  • Develop your offer to sell to your customers
  • Work with your Small Business Coach to achieve the best possible results for your business
  • Home work and hard work to be expected
  • Perfect for those that want to achieve the best business possible
  • No contract, you have full control

£99 per session, no contract.

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